It provides regarding the promise of being in a position to bang anthro versions of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic characters with a few CGs that are decent.

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A refined well executed but unexceptional indie artistic Novel.

There’s a recolour mod and a rename mod that, together, will sidestep copyright problems and provide you with that experience. No uncensor mod is needed.

Then you’ll be ok with this, and this was nearly a “recommend” based solely on that if all you want is a straightforward decent MLP erotic VN.

Nevertheless, for the price and offered the claims that are inaccurate on the store page, this may be a thumbs down because I don’t suggest this name for anyone who would like significantly more than that.

Listed here is where in fact the shop page the ball player

It is a renpy that is utterly unremarkable novel with no unique, novel, or initial features whatsoever.

There’s a map screen whoever sole purpose is to help you select which girl’s story line you want to advance at any provided point. It is a menu that is glorified.

Not. The girls are most nude from the next you meet them, and due to the description of it being “mating season” each of them wish to have intercourse with you virtually instantaneously. There isn’t any seduction or dating involved. That makes it really quite unsexy and eliminates any feeling of romance or progression.

None whatsover. There is kind of a money system, however it doesn’t do just about anything interesting, unique, special – plus it doesn’t involve any*gameplay* that is actual. Currency is made automatically, and its perhaps not allocated to anything interactive – it’s just a glorified means of unlocking the following piece of CG as though from a gallery.

Crazy exaggeration. Basically translates to “there’s CGs of 30 nude anthros and there’s the flimsiest bit of discussion before you get to banging them.

Also problematic is the fact that writer – despite intentionally plagiarising characters from MLP FIM – totally doesn’t capture their narrative voices and characters.