Frequently there is only one valid reason to boycott an organization, but Paltalk has provided a dozen reasons that Paltalk should not also be permitted to operate in the USA, less utilize American dollars to develop spyware that is such.

Is paltalk safe

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The next summary is really a sliver of the truth concerning the “Israelis” [read jews] who own and operate this jewish spyware Spying on US citizens through Paltalk Software.Sabotaging computer programs through back d rs inside their programs.Causing constant computer crashes whenever keywords are detected by their spyware.Closing sixteen different discussion boards within the Christian part of Paltalk’s discussion forums.Eviction of all Christians from the jewish section of Paltalk.Banning Christians from the Christian discussion boards for merely mentioning Matthew 10 5.Terminating the subscriptions of Christians who started available discussion boards about Israelites that your jews didn’t like.Closing down a forum entitled “jews and Israelites” run by Moshe Hall into the jewish section, claiming so it belongs within the Christian section.Restricting the forum “jews and Israelites” because it was at the Christian area, when they insisted that it be relocated compared to that section.Breaking their promise not to turn off a Christian discussion team by manipulating the set of that forum in the discussion list, making it invisible to numerous interested users, and selectively prohibiting key users from joining that forum.Permitting Christians to be called “nazis”, even after they expressed their disdain for naziism.Prohibiting Christians from calling jews “jews”, and shutting down forums because this was considered to become a “violation” of their TOS.And finally, blasphemying Our LORD Jesus Christ by insisting which he was a jew, and banning all Christians whom t k exception for this blasphemy.