Understand How: Power Chargers. Discovering a location that is good a battery pack charger can be hard on smaller ships

In the event that you spend a lot of time in marinas where shore power is readily available, you probably either have a battery charger on board or are thinking seriously about installing one if you’ve decided to live on your boat, or.

Maybe, like a normal thrifty sailor, you’re thinking the automotive electric battery charger sitting on a rack in your storage can perform the task equally well as a costly marine product. Not very. For starters, marine battery pack chargers are made to raised specs, tend to be ignition safeguarded and waterproof, and have now isolated inner wiring to ensure that stray present won’t drip in to the surrounding liquid, consuming your zincs, nibbling away at your propeller and through-hulls, and perchance surprising anyone unfortunate adequate to be cycling near your vessel.