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Evidence-based resources to see the practice of instructors and senior leaders.

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Testing the impact of high-potential projects to generate brand new evidence of ‘what works’.

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EEF Partnerships is our new regional initiative to ensure all sch ls have access to the resources, training and help they need.

Support for Class Improvement Preparing – The Tiered Model

This sch l enhancement planning resources page offers evidence-based guidance to sch ls to aid their work with the future scholastic 12 months 2021 — 22.

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Working together with Moms And Dads to Support Children’s Learning

Four tips about working together with moms and dads to support their child’s learning

Published 7th December, 2018

Evidence Review

Just how Can Sch ls Support Parents’ Engagement inside their Children’s Learning? Published September, 2019

This EEF guidance report ratings top available research to offer sch ls and teachers four recommendations to guide parental engagement in children’s learning.

Moms and dads play a important part in supporting their children’s learning, and quantities of parental engagement are consistently associated with better scholastic outcomes. Evidence from our Teaching and Learning T lkit indicates that effective parental engagement can lead to learning gains of +3 months during the period of per year.

Yet it could be hard to involve all parents with techniques that support children’s learning, especially if moms and dads’ own experiences of sch l weren’t g d.

For this reason we’ve produced this guidance report, designed to support main and secondary sch ls to utilize parents – particularly those from disadvantaged domiciles.