For instance, a scholarly research of heterosexual partners in Rakai, Uganda, where one partner had been HIV good

The receptive partner (‘bottom’) are at danger of illness from HIV within the semen and pre-seminal fluids (‘pre-cum’) associated with the partner that is infected. Rectal muscle is delicate and simply damaged, which could provide the virus access that is direct the bloodstream. Nevertheless, such damaged tissues is certainly not required for disease to happen: the rectal muscle it self is high in cells that are straight vunerable to infection.

The partner that is insertive‘top’) can also be susceptible to disease, as you can find high amounts of HIV in rectal secretions, in addition to bloodstream through the rectal tissues (Zuckerman). This produces a threat of transmission towards the partner that is insertive the muscle within the urethra as well as on your head associated with penis – particularly underneath the foreskin.