“In the outcome for the few the thing is over there the accident took place in a unique and manner that is terrible. The small girl played a frightful comedy, or, rather, tragedy.

She risked all to win all. Had been she sincere? Did she love Jean? Shall we ever know? Who can figure out the way in which much is placed on and just how much is genuine when you look at the actions of a lady? They have been constantly honest in an eternal flexibility of impressions. They’ve been furious, criminal, devoted, admirable and base in obedience to intangible feelings. They tell lies incessantly without intention, with no knowledge of or understanding why, plus in spite from it each one is definitely frank inside their emotions and sentiments, that they show by violent, unforeseen, incomprehensible, silly resolutions which overthrow our arguments, our poise that is customary and our selfish plans. The unforeseenness and suddenness of these determinations will usually make them enigmas that are undecipherable far as our company is worried. We constantly ask ourselves:

“’Are they sincere? Will they be pretending?’

“But, my buddy, they’ve been genuine and insincere at one plus the time that is same since it Miami escort service is their nature become extremists in both and also to be neither one nor one other.

“See the strategy that perhaps the most readily useful of them use to have whatever they want. They’ve been complex and easy, these procedures. Therefore complex at them beforehand, and so simple that after having been victimized we cannot help being astonished and exclaiming: ‘What that we can never guess! Did a fool be made by her of me perthereforenally therefore effortlessly as that?’

“And they constantly succeed, old guy, specially when it really is a concern of having married.

“But this might be Sumner’s story:

“The small girl had been a model, needless to say.