Our assortment of games like Heroes of may and Magic features other fantasy turn based strategy games for you to enjoy.

The Heroes of Might and Magic has become a long running series of games that use change based mechanics in a dream setting. With a large number of games released since its initial launch in 1995 the series boasts games on many platforms along side a lot of spin-off titles.

The core Might and Magic series calls the turn based strategy genre home with players armies that are recruiting fight for them, gathering resources, getting around the map and combat developing the key mechanics associated with show. The Heroes of Might and Magic collection is most notably known for the mixture of RPG and strategy mechanics though through the hero system which lets players customise hero devices to lead their military to success with varies artefacts, spells and stats.

The games like Heroes of Might and Magic that you’ll find on our collection below give attention to other fantasy based games of a turn based or basic strategy nature.