Replicate the appearance of commercial r f paints at a lower price by picking a regular paint with ceiling-friendly properties

Solved! The paint that is best for Ceilings

Q I’d like to repaint the gray drywall r f within my study a fresh white to brighten the r m up. Are the pricier items labeled “ceiling paint” really the paint that is best for ceilings, or is there is a cheaper option?

A Although the label paint that is“ceiling may have you think it’s the only viable paint for ceilings, this specialty paint (starting at $15.98 per gallon from brands like Valspar, offered at Lowes) is only regular paint developed having a viscosity, sheen, and color options that allow for a drip-free ceiling painting procedure and a low-key l k that is desirable on ceilings. These pricier paints will certainly get the job done well, but, to save $2 to $3 per gallon, you are able to,0,901,901-9b5ba47c.jpg” alt=”international dating app”> ch se a paint that is regular the mix of properties present in ceiling paints. Read on to learn what kind of paint and primer you need to achieve a polished, pro-quality r f paint finish.

Start with an interior latex primer. Priming is always recommended when transitioning from a darker to a lighter r f paint color; it will improve paint adhesion and avoid the darker old coat from showing through the lighter coat that is new. With an interior latex drywall primer like Glidden Latex Drywall Interior Primer (available at Home Depot) that’s close in color to the paint before you paint over a sm th or lightly textured (e.g., knockdown texture) drywall ceiling, prime it. Opt for a primer that is high-build KILZ High-Build Drywall Primer (available on Amazon) if your ceiling has a much deeper texture ( e.g., popcorn) the products not just prime but additionally fill in gr ves and flaws into the r f.