40 People Share The Thing A Crush Did That Made Them Weary Instantly

1. Threw a footwear at a seagull.

Had been on a picnic, he caught a fly together with hand. I have to have checked impressed, so he adopted it by throwing a shoe and striking a nearby seagull.

Weirdest fucking method to make an effort to woo a lady.

2. Attempted to make him jealous.

Pretended to date another man simply to see if I would personally get jealous…

Then got mad whenever I wasn’t.

3. A misogynist.

He started shit that is talking nearby females for no reason at all at all. Like “Ugh, glance at that fat bitch, gross”, and “Does she believe that appears good? I would personallyn’t touch her”. And I also suggest nearly all the women that are nearby. He previously one thing to express about how much they weigh, garments, and faces. Immediately disinterested.

4. Got the ethnicity incorrect.

Woman said she just discovers guys that are black Asians appealing. Many people mistake me personally if you are Asian. I’m Mexican.

5. Acted such as for instance a full-fledged psycho.

He knocked away their teeth, stated he’s the antichrist and asked us to participate their harem. We wish I had been making that up.