5 Q’s for Josh Fischer, Internet Dating Data Professional

The guts for information Innovation talked with Josh Fischer, VP of Product & Data Insights at social dating company SNAP Interactive, about AYI.com, the company’s flagship dating application. Fischer talked about a selection of subjects, such as for example what folks from various demographics want in somebody and exactly how the software groups people with associated interests together to create communities.

This meeting happens to be gently modified.

Travis Korte: First, could you introduce AYI and explain just a little on how its approach varies off their internet dating sites.

Josh Fischer: AYI.com (have you been Interested?) is really a dating application that has been asianbrides.net/ in existence. Similar to Zynga, we built our dating app off the Facebook platform very in the beginning and also had over 70 million people set it up throughout that time.

We used our integration with Facebook to develop a dating application that is extremely an easy task to join and make use of, while additionally developing a profile who has lots of information on whom our people actually are. We’re able to match individuals up employing their shared buddies, shared passions, and also comparable passions without needing them to fill in profiles that are lengthy. Along with 25 million Facebook-connected users from all over the world, we now have the variety of scale that few dating apps anywhere supply.

TK: I’ve heard that several types of AYI users are matched based on criteria that are different the elderly having various choices for lovers than more youthful individuals, as an example. Is it possible to talk a bit that is little various users’ various preferences?

JF: AYI has built it self become as easy as possible, which we’ve found includes an amount that is tremendous of for a mature market. We now bill ourselves as “Dating for Grown-Ups” with 85% of y our people being 35+.

An excellent illustration of A ayi function that interests older users is our capability to recognize people that are buddies of one’s buddies.