My relatives and buddies call me “the diner queen,” and for valid reason — I’ve hit almost every diner in northern nj-new jersey at least one time.

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My lifelong search for the perfect walk and my all-consuming passion for French Toast — along with a penchant for late-night dining — have put me much more diners than I worry to admit. For decades, these characteristics were regarded as mere character quirks, until we met Peter Genovese, whom chronicled my activities in their b k, Jersey Diners.

I assume it absolutely was fate that I had parents who allowed me to drink coffee at an early age that I was born and bred in New Jersey, the diner capital of the world, and. In Jersey City, where I grew up, there have been a lot of local 24-hour hangouts, a number of that have been maybe not diners by itself. For the reason that category, my favorite destination had been Tippy’s Charcoal Haven on Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City Heights. Whenever my g d Catholic mother discovered she blew a fuse that I was skipping Sunday Mass for breakfast at Tippy’s.