Exactly what does the Bible teach about anal intercourse? Can a couple that is married rectal intercourse? What exactly is permissible?

Can a married couple have actually rectal intercourse? Will it be a sin to possess anal intercourse? What’s permissible? Having counseled for over 20 years, this real question is fairly new among Christ followers. I do believe you will find at the very least two major causes involved and maried people think about this concern: very very very first and primarily, rectal intercourse is all over pornography; and 2nd, it really is glamorized into the pop music tradition news. Particularly among teens and adults that are young anal intercourse is a problem to take into account and realize. Additionally, popular pastor and writer Mark Driscoll, alongside their spouse Grace, within their guide, genuine wedding, not merely recommend its permissible, but appear to encourage it (ch 10). Today we focus on “What does the Bible teach about rectal intercourse?”

Is rectal intercourse sodomy?

The word sodomy will not take place in the Bible. The word it self originates from the tale of great deal and Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19).