Simple tips to utilize the JFace Tree audience

Summary The objective of the article is always to educate you on simple tips to utilize TreeViewers in your Eclipse plug-ins or stand-alone JFace/SWT applications. We’ll focus on a example that is simple progressively include functionality.

By Chris Grindstaff, Applied Reasoning ( chrisg at May 5, 2002


The tree audience can be utilized in Eclipse plug-ins or in a stand alone JFace/SWT application. We’ve chosen to make usage of a plug-in that shows the tree audience functionality.

Here’s a typical example of just what the plugin provides:

You may notice the occasional as you work through the article . These icons suggest points for which you should launch Eclipse and attempt the instance.

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To operate the examples or see the origin with this article, unzip to your eclipse_root directory and restart Eclipse. In Windows the eclipse_root directory can look something such as d:\apps\eclipse\. As soon as Eclipse is restarted, find the attitude | Show View | Other… menu choice. Within the “Other” category choose “Moving Box.”

This short article be best as you read it if you are able to run the plugin we’ve provided.

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To comprehend just how to make use of the TreeViewer, it is essential to comprehend where in fact the TreeViewer fits into JFace in general, and exactly how JFace fits into Eclipse.

JFace is a UI toolkit that helps resolve common UI development tasks.