Ask MetaFilter. We are purchasing a fridge that is new make use of the “Cash for Clunkers for Appliances” program.

We are investing in a fridge that is new make use of the “Cash for Clunkers for Appliances” program.

Brand brand New fridge we wish has an ice manufacturer, which clearly (right?) is certainly going to need a water hookup that our present suck-ass Magic Chef doesn’t. Exactly how much of an issue (in work and value; we’re in Brooklyn, NY) will it be to include a hookup that is new? It is close to our drain, so that the pipelines should be there.

If, for reasons uknown, it isn’t practical getting the work done, can there be any explanation we could not simply connect within the refrigerator sans-ice manufacturer, and later hook it up?

you need to be able to install the manual on the internet. Observe how the instructions read.

We suspect it should be since straightforward as placing a T on the chilled water line and operating a plastic that is small towards the straight back for the refrigerator. but. IANAP posted by HuronBob at 2:42 PM on February 11, 2010

Home Depot offers a kit because of this. It is simply just a little needle thing that taps into the pipe that is existing. I do believe it is a somewhat various kit based on when you have copper or PVC.

Yeah, then drill a hole in the cabinet to run the line if the fridge is going in right next to the sink, I would use a saddle valve on the cold line to the sink. You ought to be in a position to do all the work (with the exception of drilling the opening) with fundamental hand tools plus some sense that is common.

1) If you have not really bought yet, i do want to emphatically endorse investing in a model aided by the fridge in the bottom. It really is Hence really nice getting the meals you access most there be right up right in front of one’s face.

2) setting up an ice manufacturer line must not be too much. My hubby recently changed ours out from a copper line to a single of the lines that seems like a fuel pipe (bendy and much more durable because our copper line create a kink inside it and leaked).