Without a doubt on how very very very long does it decide to try compose a 1000 term essay?

I have been doing research, together with subject is ” How has confucianism impacted Korea?” I am stuck on 610 terms with absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing else to say. And also the minimum is 1000. I have been working from 8:00-11:20 now and I also’m nevertheless stuck. Any tips on the best way to fill the rest of the 390 terms? (BTW, I’m in 8th grade)


You ought to consist of more info. Provide some historic information: whenever also to just just what level did confucianism “go to” Korea; ended up being here a particular time whenever its effect expanded significantly and just why; has Communism in N. Korea had a direct effect: compare N. Korea to S. Korea; there is truly a big change between its effect on Chinese vs. its impact on Koreans — why? perform some two cultures regard it differently? you will find similarities and differences when considering the 2 cultures: just how do these effect the influence of confu. on Koreans? Is there a larger essay writer or lower impact in K. versus Thailand or Vietnam or any other nearby nation and why? Is its influence greater or lesser vs. a century ago and exactly why today? Just just What perform some differences when considering it in Asia and Korea let you know? Could be the impact of confuc. when you look at the section of Russia between Asia therefore the ocean comparable to its impact in Korea- why and just why perhaps perhaps not? What faculties of a tradition ensure it is just about most most likely that confuc. could have an impact that is major? Have you figured out any Koreans or Chinese you are able to talk about this with to obtain individual views, and does their being in a country that is western their perspectives? According to exactly what has occurred, just exactly just what can you expect can happen in the foreseeable future as to its effect?

Never include words that are unnecessary. Instructors can spot that trick through the parking great deal, and you will get yourself a bad grade.