Each Personality was asked by me Type To Start Up About Their Sex – Some Tips About What They Needed To State

INTJs And Sexual Orientation

Associated with the 203 individuals sampled:

77% recognized as heterosexual 13% recognized as pansexual or bisexual 4% recognized as homosexual 4% defined as asexual 2% defined as ‘other.’

INTJs And Sexual Interest

When expected to speed their sexual drive for a scale of just one to ten, the mean position had been 6.00.

INTJs And Hookup Society

Whenever asked the way they felt about “hookup culture:”

50% of participants selected in it.“ I dislike it and rarely/never engage” 48% of participants chosen it but dislike other people.“ I love some aspects of” 2% of individuals chosen it and almost exclusively look for casual hookups“ I love”

INTJ Commentary:

1. “As an INTJ, I prepare every thing i really do down seriously to the final information.